When should I paint my property?

Ensuring the exterior of your property looks its best, is being able to determining when the best time to re-decorate your property is. Typically,  a property owner would need to paint the exterior of their property every 7-10 years if a decent quality paint was used in the past. However, there are a number of other factors that need to be taken into consideration if you want to keep the exterior of your property in top condition.

How often should I paint?

There are several factors that will contribute towards the need to paint, as mentioned the materials that were used in the past; the quality of the paint type used as well as the environment the property is exposed to.

Wall Materials

Every  property is going to be different. Depending on the building materials used for your exterior walls, the timeline for how often you should paint will vary. As a rule of thumb for each material, you can use the following estimations as a reference for how long paint will last on each surface:

  • Wood – 3-7 years, or 4-7 years if it is stained
  • Plaster – 5-6 years
  • Brick – 15-20 years

The Environment

Your environment will play a massive role in deciding when to paint, The exposure of the property to UV, rain, humidity and other factors all have an affect on the life span of a coating system. Often walls are subject to a certain amount of fading over time, due to the exposure to UV rays from the sun. The harsher the environment the sooner it is time to paint.

Property on the coast line are more susceptible to affects of salts from the ocean and wind conditions which deteriorate the paint coatings and also allow for staining, especially on when painting with white.

The Paint

The paint you use will make all the difference. If the right type of paint is used, it can maximise the life of your paint job, but if the wrong kind of paint was used, you might have to paint sooner than you planned. This point can not be understated and EastCoat Painting is in the position to help you in making the right decision.

How Do You Know if You Need to Paint the Exterior of a Home?

Thankfully, knowing how often you should paint the exterior of your home is pretty simple. Looking for signs like chalking(white powder that will rub off on your hand), faded, or peeling paint will let you know right away that it’s time to touch up your exterior paint.

If it’s time to give your property a new coat of paint, choosing a painting professional with knowledge and experience will make all the difference. EastCoat Painting knows exactly what to do in order to give you a paint job that will last through the years. Our team knows exactly what to do, from colour consulting to clean-up, thereby providing you with the best paint job. Contacts us today and find out what the EastCoat Painting can do for you!






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