Painting Wooden Window Frames

Before Painting:

Use long strips of wet newspaper and place it on the glass. The newspaper will keep the paint off the glass, and is much easier to remove than tape.

Should you prefer tape, remember to remove it at an angle of 45o before the paint has dried to prevent the paint pulling off the painted surface. Use a blade to cut the tape at the join if the paint has dried.

Using Canvas Drop Sheets

The use of drop sheets:

It is best to use a canvas drop sheet, instead of old curtains or fabric which allows the paint to seep through which could ruin your wood or carpeted floors.

Plastic drop sheets are also problematic as you could walk on wet droplets and then transfer that wet paint to floors etc. even worse is when trying to move the drop sheet to another area as when it slides or touches up against something there is inevitable paint transfer.

New Paint Rollers

Before using your new paint roller:

It is always frustrating when your roller picks up dirt, fibres or old paint and transfers it to the wall when painting.

It is best to remove any fibres from the roller with tape and also wet the roller first under clean potable water. (dry roller before rolling in paint)

Paint Brush Work

Quality Paint Brushes:

Always try to purchase the best possible paint brush for any paint job, you will be grateful you did, as the better the brush the better the paint finish and the easier it is to complete the job.

To avoid paint runs and mess, only dip the tip of your paint brush into the paint and NOT the entire brush.

When you are finished painting, clean the brush with water until the water runs clear. Reshape your brush and hang it up for best drying and re-use.

Time Saving Tips:

Less Pain ?

Should you not complete your painting project and you would like to continue painting after a break or the next day, rather than the tedious task of cleaning brushes, seal your brush in a plastic bag and the brush will be ready for use when you resume the task. 

Another great time saver is to have a deep tray (or the like) that you can hang on your ladder when doing your cutting, also tie some metal wire around your brush handle and mould it into a hook, hang it on the tray when painting. This will save you so much time and less trips up and down the ladder.